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28 July 2022


Dear Members of the Episcopal Church in Central PA,


Scroll below to read an important note regarding diocesan staff transition, nominees needed for the 2024 General Convention, upcoming events, convention details, and Stevenson School for Ministry courses.

A Proposal for a Creation Care Ministry of native tree and shrub planting throughout the Diocese 



Dear Fellow Episcopalians,


I have been blessed that I had a career teaching children, from Kindergarten to teens, about the importance of the natural world and encouraging them to become caretakers of the earth. Upon retirement and the birth of my granddaughter who is now 9 years, I knew that my gifts should continue to be used to care for God’s greatest Cathedral- the natural world. I discerned a call to continue this work and include adults, in a ministry designed for people of all faiths as well as people of conscience, to remove non-native invasives, which do not feed our ecosystems, and replace them with native trees and shrubs that restore biodiversity and feed native insects at the 2nd layer of the food chain. Trees and shrubs have been deemed, by Scientific American, the best “technology” for sequestering the excess carbon that fuels the climate warming that threatens our planets and is particularly dangerous for future generations. Over the last 6 years, 500+ plus volunteers in Blair, Centre, and Huntingdon counties have successfully worked with me and removed acres of non-natives and replaced them with FREE native trees and shrubs. Chesapeake Bay Foundation has allowed me to expand the program and to distribute trees to churches, townships, Rails to Trails, and private landowners. I think this is a great opportunity for the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania to take action in addressing the desecration of God’s creation.


I am hoping that the Spirit will open the hearts and minds throughout the diocese to consider this program. I envision spreading the word more widely through Diocesan publications, soon. I hope to be able to bring native trees and shrubs with me to Convocation meetings. I also hope to be able to attend the Diocesan Convention and have a display table. If people order trees and shrubs in response to email invitations I will invite them to come to my home in Williamsburg PA where I will be dispersing around 5000 of the 8000 plants I will receive for this Fall’s planting. They could then see my work on the Lower Trail which runs through Williamsburg as well as what I have planted on my acre of hillside land. 


Please email me at wacmbook@gmail.com" target="_blank" style="color:rgb(17, 85, 204);font-size:16px">wacmbook@gmail.com for more information.

Greg Williams, St. Luke's, Altoona

Recap from The 80th General Convention in Baltimore, MD

The 80th General Convention of The Episcopal Church concluded on July 11, 2022. A big "thank you" to Bishop Scanlan; the deputation Chair, The Rev. Cn. Kate Harrigan; our diocesan deputies; and those in our diocese who volunteered.


If you would like to view The Episcopal Church budget for 2023-2024, click here.  To view election results, click here.  To view recordings and worship servicesclick here.

Accepting applications for Shaped by Faith



The Rev. Canon Chris Streeter, Canon to the Ordinary for Congregational Life, and The Rev. Kevin Barron, Associate for Shaped by Faith, are currently in the Implementation phase of Shaped by Faith and are accepting the next round of grant applications. The applications will be reviewed by a committee on a quarterly basis.


The next grant application deadline is Sept. 1, 2022. 


To apply, click here.

Fall Convocation Meetings

Save the Dates


Wednesday, Sept. 14 - NT, WB, Altoona Convocations


Tuesday, Sept. 27 - Southern & Lancaster Convocations


Thursday, Sept. 29 

- Harrisburg & Susquehanna Convocations


For questions regarding Fall Convocation meetings, please contact Canon Guszick, aguszick@diocesecpa.org" target="_blank" style="color:rgb(167, 6, 46);font-size:16px;font-weight:bold">aguszick@diocesecpa.org

PA Prays - 

Episcopal Cathedrals in Pennsylvania host services

 to pray and work for an end to gun violence

Sunday, Sept. 18

Time TBA


Join us online or in-person on Sept. 18 as the five Episcopal Cathedrals across our Commonwealth spend the day focusing on healing our nation from gun violence. A listing of different services in the five locations and the times of each service will be available soon. Join us in this unified effort of action, advocacy and prayer.


Stay tuned! More information to follow by the end of July.

A Morning of Action and Prayer on Ending Gun Violence

Sat., September 17th

9 a.m. to 12pm


St. Edward's located at 2453 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster, PA, will welcome Swords to Plowshares Northeast to share in a day of witness and prayer for gun violence. The Rt. Rev. Jim Curry, Co-founder and retired bishop of the diocese of CT will bring a forge to repurpose guns into garden tools and jewelry. The day will include a memorial to the lost hosted by Heeding God’s Call to End Gun Violence. Teens and children will be invited to contribute to a prayer wall. Members of the diocesan committee on gun violence will be available to share information about their work. The day will conclude at 12 p.m. with a service of prayer. 

Doctrine of Discovery

Sept. 27, 2-4 PM

Sept. 28 time TBA


This seminar for Clergy will be offered twice: once on Tuesday, Sept. 27th from 2-4 PM at a location convenient to those in the Southern, Harrisburg, and Lancaster Convocations, and again on Sept. 28th in the morning at a location convenient to those in the more northern convocations of the diocese- Northern Tier, West Branch, Altoona, and Susquehanna. Clergy can elect to attend either event. Both events will be followed by a time of fellowship and a meal. The details for each event- place, and registration- will be coming soon.


For now, please make note of the dates on your calendar so you will be prepared when registration opens.

Diocesan Convention: October 14-15

Spooky Nook, Manheim


Please mark your calendars for this year's diocesan convention. 


The Business meeting will be held on Zoom the evening of October 13. Diocesan Convention will be held in person on October 14-15 at Spooky Nook in Manheim.


The theme of Convention is Evangelism and we feature Jerusalem Greer, The Episcopal Church's Staff Officer for Evangelism as our Keynote Speaker.

FORMING for ACTION: Creation Care Committee


Many of our parishioners and churches are working to improve the environmental health of our world- a committee that would simply coordinate and share resources across the diocese would be valuable. Others may find themselves impassioned to join a collaborative effort in the diocese to offer a stronger collective voice and make use of budgeted diocesan monies for action. Are you interested in this work?


If so, please email Carolyn Patterson at cpatterson@diocesecpa.org" target="_blank" style="color:rgb(167, 6, 46);font-size:16px;font-weight:bold">cpatterson@diocesecpa.org by Sept. 1, 2022, and we will set up an organizing zoom meeting for the fall. 

Supplies needed for Refugee Children


Diocesan Migration Ministry Resources is launching a donation appeal for school

supplies, backpacks and lunch boxes to give to newly-arriving refugee children. The appeal begins July 1 and runs through October.


Please donate new backpacks, lunch boxes, and school supplies. Consider filling a backpack with some or all of the following items; a box of Ticonderoga #2 pencils (standard & color), markers,

highlighters, dry erase markers/fine tip (Expo preferred), broad tip markers(Crayola preferred), a box of Crayola crayons (24 count), construction paper, glue sticks, scissors (child safe), 12" rulers (metric & inches), erasers (pencil top & full size), index cards, Post-it notes, composition books, 3-hole punched lined paper, printer paper, plastic folders with inside pockets, and a pencil pouch. Or separately donate any of these items. Bring items to the diocesan office or contact Carolyn Patterson at (717) 236-5959 or cpatterson@diocesecpa.org" target="_blank" style="color:rgb(167, 6, 46);font-size:16px;font-weight:bold">cpatterson@diocesecpa.org for pickup.

The Diocese of CPA and the Diocese of PA join together for a Tanzanian Pilgrimage of Inquiry and Reconciliation- February 5th -

February 17th, 2023


The purpose of this pilgrimage is to embark on a sacred journey to the Anglican Church in Tanzania. We will be hosted by Archbishop Maimbo and the diocese of Tanga. We hope to renew ties with our Anglican brothers and sisters, post-Covid, as well as partake on a journey of reconciliation with regard to the past sins of colonialism. The Anglican Church in Tanzania is thriving and growing. We desire to learn from our sisters and brothers the many ways the gospel is being lived and proclaimed fully, in a church founded by English missionaries, but growing by the work of the Spirit because of the Tanzanian Church. 


Each diocese will be sending about five pilgrims. If you are interested in being a pilgrim from our diocese, please submit an application by September 7th. To download, click here.

From The Stevenson School For Ministry

Registration for our Stevenson School of Ministry Fall classes opened Friday, July 15thSign-up for these 10-week courses on PopuliFind a quick how-to video hereThe fall term begins on August 22nd! These courses are open for credit or audit - both great ways to expand your discipleship path! 


All course descriptions are on Populi and the SSFM websiteDon't have a Populi login?ssfm@diocesecpa.org" target="_blank" style="color:rgb(192, 62, 48);font-size:16px;font-weight:bold"> ssfm@diocesecpa.org" target="_blank" style="color:rgb(167, 6, 46);font-size:16px;font-weight:bold">Send SSFM a quick email.





Anglican Approaches to Ministry




Anglican Homiletics




Becoming Beloved Community 2

Barron, Schwartz


7:00-8:00 PM

Spiritual Practices



5:30-6:30 PM

Canon Law *first 5-weeks



5:30-6:30 PM

Deacons Path

Miron, Morrow



Gospel of Matthew




Praying and Preaching the Psalms




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Revised Guidelines from the Task Force on Operations
The Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania
March 14, 2022
As the impact of the Omicron Variant fades across the diocese we must consider how to move forward understanding that the COVID virus will most probably be with us at some level for the foreseeable future and that the potential for future outbreaks remains with us. The CDC has revised their risk measurement and protective recommendations based on the ability of our medical systems to react quickly and effectively to future infections and on a continually improving understanding of disease transmission. The leaders of many civic jurisdictions have modified their guidance as they, too, observe the waning of the virus and strive to maintain safe spaces while supporting resilience and restoring practices that lead to vibrancy and strength in communities.
Our resilience and strength as the Body of Christ comes from the power of a God whose compassion and love know no limits. That strength is supported by coming together as God’s people for worship, fellowship, work, and study. We are grateful for the way that our congregations have responded in the time of pandemic and how you have created safe space for gathering, caring for the most vulnerable among us.
With the pandemic currently waning, it is appropriate that our guidelines shift, once again. We continue to recommend using the CDC guidelines as the least restrictive measures for gathering and we urge adherence to any local guidelines that may be stricter. We also recognize the importance of offering guidelines that can be adjusted to work in each particular context based on the size of the church building, the specific appointments of each space, (windows that can open, ventilation systems, etc.) and the demographics of the congregation. Thus, we encourage each clergy person to work with their Vestry to arrive at a plan that will work in your space. As your Task Force, we would be happy to review those plans as you desire. Please reach out to your assigned Task Force member or to Carolyn Patterson (cpatterson@diocesecpa.org" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank" style="color:rgb(167, 6, 46);font-size:16px;font-weight:bold">cpatterson@diocesecpa.org) if you would like to consult with one of us about your plan.
We believe that full vaccination is critical towards reducing risk and creating safer communities. We also recognize that those who cannot be vaccinated and those with underlying health concerns need our support as they choose to maintain more strict personal safety measures. Anyone who chooses to retain mask wearing and social distancing practices in this time of lessened restrictions is to be supported for their decision.
At this time, the recommended shifts in our common practice include:
  • The wearing of masks for those who desire this personal level of protection. Others may go mask-free in worship and at other church events
  • Restoring regular seating in parish sanctuaries and other spaces
  • A return to receiving communion at the altar rail with an option for those who prefer communion in their pew or the prayer of Spiritual Communion
  • A return of the Common Cup while maintaining other means of distributing wine for those who prefer it, i.e.: small cups. Note: intinction in any manner is strongly discouraged as this practice is unhygienic. If small cups are used to distribute wine, a single vessel of wine shall be placed on the altar to signify our unity in Christ. The small cups must be washed in a manner similar to how the chalice is washed, and if disposable cups are used, they are to be rinsed in the piscina before discarding
  • Singing in church services is to be restored. The Rector and Vestry may decide if fewer hymns are preferred to lessen the presence of aerosols and droplets circulating in the space
  • Restoring Coffee Hour and Food Ministries (i.e.: community meals) in the life of the parish
  • The wearing of masks by church nursery attendants as a means of protecting our youngest
  • The option to continue the practice of recording attendance for the purposes of contact tracing
The Task Force on Operations and the Diocesan Staff will continue its vigilance studying and posting the rate of virus incidence on our website. If we see a resurgence of the virus in numbers that are threatening, we will recommend restoring the mitigation techniques to keep our parishioners safe.
These guidelines are to encourage a return to the former practices of common life at a time when we feel it is prudent to do so while appreciating that safety and risk assessment is personal. Above all, we hope that our parishes will be places where those who practice a higher level of personal safety feel welcomed, and that we can come together in joy and peace to worship our Lord.
The Task Force on Operations
Ms. Elaine Austin
Ms. Barbara Cross
Canon Alexis Guszick
Canon Chad Linder
Mr. Bill Lord
The Rev. Jeff Packard
The Rt. Rev. Audrey Scanlan
Consulting Physician, Dr. Pamela Vnenchak








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